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Resources are listed in our website for North Carolina state and county government resources, schools, support groups, societies, foundations, and recreational programs. We hope to begin listing established special needs homes (universal design, handicapped accessible, bedrooms ready for autistic child, etc.) in this webiste. Linking Special Needs is always interested in knowing about genuine programs available to assist our citizens. Please contact us at

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Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill areas of North Carolina

Support Group “Linking Special Needs” has been created to assist citizens/families develop/redevelop “support groups” in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. Tenney Realty, associated with Ammons Pittman GMAC Real Estate in Raleigh NC, establishes contact(s) and meetings with needed support group(s)’ representatives for the citizen/family along with representing the family with all their real estate needs.


Founder Susan Allen Tenney is the founder of “Linking Special Needs”. Susan is a real estate broker with Ammons Pittman GMAC Real Estate located in Raleigh NC. Her experiences with family and friends needing support groups has created this strong desire for no one to feel alone or isolated in their situation. Plenty of resources are available it is just knowing where to find them. We hope this site will be a beginning point.

Susan is a native of Raleigh and is married to Brian H. Tenney. Walter D. Tenney and Travis N. Tenney are their sons. Brian H. Tenney and Walter D. Tenney are attorneys and practice in the family law firm of Tenney & Tenney, LLP., a general law practice located in Raleigh. Tenney & Tenney, LLP, Attorneys practice areas are Wills & Estates, Estate Planning, Living Trust, Special Needs Trust, Real Estate, Small Corporations, State and Federal Courts and Domestic law and personal injury. Travis N. Tenney is a CPA practicing with a commercial company in Raleigh. Susan has taken her over twenty five years of paralegal experience into her real estate practice.

Susan’s love of children, rescuing dogs, volunteering, being a parent and a proud grandparent comes natural to her. Fortunately she has been involved with special needs citizens for years and has been touched by the teachings and lessons she has learned. One of her granddaughters was Down Syndrome with other special needs. We were and are so proud of her during her short stay here on earth.

We feel privileged you stopped by. I hope we can be of assistance. Welcome “home” and we look forward to learning from your special needs!

Have a golden day!

Linking Special Needs

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