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Government Programs & Support Programs

Life‘s imprint we arrive into this world with does not always fit everyone else‘s. imprint. Exceptions are to every rule. Some exceptions are just more special.

The most wonderful “gift” is the “gift” of information, knowledge and sharing. The information “gift” is where help, training and knowledge is going to come from. The sharing “gift” is knowing you are not alone and there are many here to help. Our exceptions make us open different side door to and become fulfilled with the sunshine brought .

We always want to hear of more available programs.


Children & Adults

Community Service information for parents about parent support groups, services for special needs children, child-care options and support groups. Call “N.C.2-1 1” or from cell phone call 1-888-UW211NC or visit

Children With Special Needs Helpline (800) 737-3028 M-F 8 to 5
NC Division of Medical Assistance for Medicaid & NC Healthchoice For Children
NC Department of Health and Human Services NC Health Info Line
NC Department of Medical Assistance , Consumer Links
NC Division of Services For The Blind
Durham County For Special Needs Children
Wake County Human Services
Wake County Local Interagency Council
Orange County Human Services
ARC Family Support Network
Chapel Hill Training Outreach Project, Inc. (Kidscpoe)
Duke Hospital Support Group
Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center
A Small Miracle
Beginnings For Parent of Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Inc.
Emerge A Child’s Place
The Aspen Center
American Stroke Association
American Diabetes Association
Autism Society of North Carolina
Pediatric Diabetes Program
National Multiple Sclerosis Society Eastern NC Chapter (919) 834-0678 /(800) 344-4867
Cerebral Palsy
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Triangle Down Syndrome
March of Dimes
Muscular Dystrophy Association
American Burn Association
National Federation of Blind
Parents of Blind Children, Inc.   (919) 847-3470
Cleft Advocate
United Way of North Carolina
United Way of Triangle
Triangle Family Services


Adults Only

We always want to hear of more available programs.

North Carolina Division of Services For The Blind
North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services
Consumer Links - NC Department of Medical Assistance
North Carolina Health Info Line
North Carolina Health Info Line
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
Wake County Human Services
Wake County Local Interagency Council
Resources For Seniors
Triangle J Area Agency of Aging
Access North Carolina: Vacation Guide for Persons with Disabilities (919) 733-2616/800 VISIT-NC
Governor’s Advocacy Council For Persons With Disabilities
Independent Living Rehabilitation Program (919) 715-0543
NC Assistive Technology Program
NC Vocational Rehabilitation
Family Support Network
ARC of Wake County
ARC of Durham County
ARC of Orange County
Special Needs Community Outreach
The Disability Resource Management Regional Rescources Directory
Duke Hospital Support Groups
Hospice of Wake County
Duke Homecare & Hospice
Hospice Care Services, Chapel Hill
A Small Miracle, Inc.
Full Circle Of Care
Companies of Interest
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